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Blogging every week is much easier if you make it a habit

Sunday, October 11, 2015@ 4:42 PM
posted by admin

Google’s quest in recent years has been to tighten up on material posted to web sites in terms of quality content and non duplication of text. As a regular blogger none of these should affect you . Their purpose is to cut out spammers who use the platform to try and build up power. Naurally precedence is given to genuine material and genuine posters and that is why it is so important to blog regularly. As most things in life, the more of a habit you make it the easier it gets. So let’s say you know that every Monday afternoon you do your blog posts. After you have done those for several weeks it becomes second nature and no longer a chore.

Good prep. is to short list anything that you notice during the week e.g. short 3 or 4 word notes, that will remind you of what to write up about, and just stick that on the wall.

blogging to build authority and ROI on your website

Sunday, October 11, 2015@ 10:43 AM
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Blogging has grown as a means of developing authority and ROI on the internet  in recent years for some very important reasons.

The first would be that it offers a very well established and extendable platform for allowing you to add content directly to your website. You can add text, article, photos, videos etc. You can start conversations and allow others to respond. You can and should use it as the focal point of your business, driving web users to it as much as you possibly can.

The extendability refers to being able to add all sorts of functionality
e.g. a contact form that is safe from spammers
e.g. A system that protect you from spam being posted to your site so you only get to see and keep the real stuff.
e.g. Add-on modules that allow you to become search engine friendly

Plus may many more. The beauty of a blog is that so many plugins have been written for so many different uses that there is little you need to lay out in terms of development costs as you would in a normal website

The second reason for the wide popularity of the software is the ability for the owner to talk with and communicate directly with his audience whether that be commercial or otherwise.  Anything posted is instantly available to all followers of the blog and via what is called an rss feed. This instantly  makes posts available on the web for those seeking specific information.

All this is possible without the further need for developers etc because the modules and code needed to do all this has been tried and tested to a very high degree. Conversations on blogs frequently get the Q&A sessions going and relate the owner to the real needs of his market. Obvious deficiencies or failings can be quickly dealt with. There is not so much working in the dark when everyone can see how you handle questions or complaints. The upside is that doing this professionally, adds to your authority and Higher ROI for your enterprise.
Further methods of developing your authority and roi can be found here : www.authorityblogs.org

Why blogging has an effect on rankings

Tuesday, October 6, 2015@ 10:00 AM
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The technology that drives wordpress and other blogs, is a highly interactive one. So for example, when you post an article to your blog, this is immediately pinged around many blog services on the internet. If you added tags as you should, then this help get the word around on what has been posted on these tags words.

In order to see the effect of this consider it as an outsider. Google alerts lets you know when anything has been posted on your particular topic of interest eg link building or internet marketing
And how does it know this? By being in touch with all the blog posts that are being made, for one thing.

So be sure to stay close to your industry by regularly posting topics of interest or associated events on you blog and letting the world know you exist.

As your blog develops then more people will naturally link in to you and this helps your rankings
One good service is seo nottingham

Building authority with your blogs

Wednesday, March 20, 2013@ 8:39 AM
posted by admin

Direct marketing and mailshots are still very much with us, as you can attest to when you open your mailbox at home after returning from vacation.
It seems companies are still getting a return that makes it worth their while.
But it might be worth considering and testing other tactics in order to have alternatives in the coming years. The method which is developing slowly but surely, is that of cultivating a list and feeding it with target customers so that they know who you are when your email arrives in their mailbox, and the idea is to train them to open it rather than hit the delete button.A recent mail shot launch by Guru Ryan Deiss offering an authority blog creation bonuses is one method of achieving this.Such schemes encourage authority roi bonuses to be created.

authority blogs

Figures can be shown, particularly by the auto responder companies, to show just what rate of opening occurs when an email broadcast is sent to a particular list.
It is simple to see and if the promotion is kept in isolation, it is easy to measure what percentage convert to sales.

With this in mind there can be no doubt that growing your own mail list is gold. Some of the strategies to do this are as follows:

1. Have a clear idea of what appeals to your customer. Leave comments open on your blo9gs and ask for feedback on the basis that you will provide better info and updates if they tell you what they would like

2. Get your list on an auto responder service. This makes it much easier for you to manage ad also to deliver emails to.
It is not advisable to try and communicate with your list through your email such as outlook express.

The services cover you from a legal standpoint offering subscribers the option of unsubscribing whenever they wish, and actually unsubscribing them
They also keep you on the right side of the law regarding CANSPAM in that your company name & address must always be on each email communication. All these details can easily be left out and you can get into trouble as a result of no-compliance.
The auto responder can also be set to deliver a series of messages to your subscribers at 1 or 2 day intervals for example.

All these steps and service providers and strategies should be part of an on-going campaign to develop your site web site as an authority in your market.
If you have set up a series of 4 or 5 messages all leading up to an event, then you are clearly announcing your authority in your customer’s eyes.